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What Havoc Can Offer Your Production

Script Consultation

Before the camera ever rolls film, we can offer pre-production advice on your script. Effective stunt budgets, sequences that might have been overlooked for action personnel, equipment, or action props or safety aspects are overlooked. There is nothing more frustrating that the realisation that a stunt performer or coordinator is needed and not budgeted for or called for the shooting day.

Stunt Coordinators

Havoc Stunt Services can put your production in touch with Stunt Coordinators, who can then in turn supply you with performers, riggers and equipment. From a simple stumble to full action sequences requiring multiple performers, stunt coordinators work with directors and producers to make the written word come to life. Safety of cast and crew is always the primary concern; no stunt is ever risk free.

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Havoc Stunt Services International is a Toronto-based international full-service film and television stunt performance company. We offer a wide variety of talent and abilities, including stunt coordinators and performers with specialist skills from car crashes and simple falls to complex swordplay and fight choreography.
Havoc Stunt Services International
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